Self-Care Through Elemental Art

This week is children’s mental health week here in Canada. With many events promoting awareness about children’s mental health and the importance of supporting services.  As an art therapists who primarily works with children and youth I see the need for more understanding and compassion towards children who often become labeled as “difficult” due to […]

Making Room for Creative Expression

  One of the main things that I hear over and over that gets in the way of maintaining a creative practice is not having the space.  First there is the literal and practical question of a physical environment for art making.  And then there is the question of motivation, or perhaps more accurately put, what may be […]

The Inner Wilderness of Creativity

Canoe camping in the backcountry is always an adventure.  We had been away from it for a few years as our kids no longer fit with us in the canoe and it meant taking a second canoe and portaging it- with two kids who at that point were starting to say they were not interested. […]

The I Can’t Monster

  After participating in a two day mindfulness training the other week I’ve been approaching my mounting biking with a different perspective. Mountain biking season is upon us and these last few weeks I have been getting out on mountain biking trials with my family. Yesterday I was riding with my son, who at 12 […]

Cheering Creative Self On

This week I pushed myself past my perceived limits with mountain biking in Quebec. On the first day on our trip we headed out to the trails at the foot of Mont Saint Anne and within minutes of being on the trail I tipped over, unable to unclip my shoes from the pedals while going […]

Seeing things

  Have you ever stared up at the clouds in he sky and found intriguing images?  Or perhaps before waking up with eyes closed an array of images float by your mind’s eye.  That is the gift of your imagination.  When we see things in other things that aren’t there essentially, our imagination is playing with […]

Ways to Get your Creative on Outdoors

  I have been enjoying the great outdoors a lot lately with the warmer weather here in Toronto.  More outside time means less in doors time doing “indoor” art.  Of course I could hull out my materials for painting and paint outside, or even grab a sketch book and pencil and sit outside and be […]

Creative Potential

  I have been doing a lot of gardening lately. Indoors I have been planting seeds excitedly waiting for them to germinate, sprout and grow.  Outdoors I have been preparing the soil: getting rid of weeds,  supplementing the soil, preparing the bed.  I check on what I’ve planted daily; pots of soil, with seeds yet […]

Are You Ready For a Creative Expedition?

  There is still time to register!  Join me for my Inner Art Expedition workshop along with 20 other spectacular art journaling workshops beginning April 1st.  But you have lots of time to get through all of the wonderful offerings since this year 21 Secrets has been complied in a downloadable PDF and you will […]

Permission is Key

        A few weekends ago I enjoyed guiding a group of muses in a Painting with your Muse workshop here in Toronto where we had the perfect weather -it was pouring rain outside. I say it was “Perfect” because rainy days are known to limit our choices of what to do. In […]