The Many Faces of Life:

Mask-Making Workshop

Saturday May 14th, 2016, 1-6pm

 Downtown Toronto

Led by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Registered Art Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of Art Therapy.

No art experience needed! All skill levels welcome. Includes all art supplies. Held in Downtown Toronto.


Come explore your inner wise self, through mask creation and expressive arts. We all wear masks from time to time changing them depending on the situation, the environment we find ourselves in and the people we are surrounded by.  The masks reflect the many roles we take on with family, friends, colleagues and strangers, each serving a purpose.  Sometimes however, these masks can hold us back from our full potential, keeping us stuck in roles that we have outgrown. In this workshop we will explore some of the masks we wear that get in our way of moving forward in our lives and begin to uncover the authentic self.

Overview of the workshop:IMG_1504

  • Introduction to masks and our personas.
  • Expressive arts exercises to help identify the masks we wear.
  • Guided visualization.
  • Mask making demo of the technique.
  • Mask Making: shaping and painting.
  • Self reflective practices to move beyond personas that block us.
  • How to implement what you’ve learned about self into daily practice.
  • Closing ritual.




This workshop is designed for individuals who wish to learn about their creative potential and inner wisdom through art creation. Participants will have the opportunity to create a mask and explore its personal meaning. This hands on workshop guides participants to explore life’s creative potential through the masks we wear. Come discover the Many Faces of Life!

Come uncover your authentic self!

Saturday May 14th, 2016

Self-investment, only $99. CAD

Questions? Contact Petrea Hansen-Adamidis at [email protected]

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